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Are Vendors Permitted Here?

In most places on the site, yes. But the one place where vendors are not allowed is in the Live Review recordings.

We recognize learning technology vendors as valuable members of the learning business community and, in general, welcome and appreciate their participation in our events and in this site. In the case of Live Review, however, we recognize that many vendors will not want to demonstrate their offerings in the presence of other vendors. To respect the need for privacy and confidentiality and to ensure that demonstrating vendors do not “hold back” in demonstrating their capabilities for Live Review attendees, we are allowing employees of learning platform companies to participate in the event only to provide demonstrations. Employees and representatives of vendor companies may not register as an attendee for the event or attend demonstrations provided by companies other than their own. If you represent a company that would like to provide a demonstration at Live Review, please contact us for details. Q 1 description

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