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At Tagoras (the company  behind LTD and Leading Learning), I have historically played the lead role in providing our consulting services as well as managing sales and marketing for the company. Along with Celisa, I create a lot of content – from  blog posts, to podcasts, to Webinars, to videos, to various types of reports. And, of course, we offer LTD every year and have  also offered various other events, from online boot camps to a place-based event for learning business executives.

In the  other parts of my life, I’m a bit of a health freak (nutrition, exercise, sleep), play the guitar and piano when I can, and generally enjoy living in Carrboro, NC, affectionately know to locals as the the Paris of the Piedmont.

Current Challenges and Opportunities

Very focused on how to make better use of data and on how to build the Leading Learning community.

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I know quite a lot about various aspects of marketing – from more strategic areas like pricing and positioning, to more tactical areas like SEO. I have done a great deal of work over the years in strategy formulation, a major focus of our consulting. I know a lot about LMSes about other learning  technologies.  Finally, I’ve written, researched, and generally obsessed about learning theory and practice for many  years.